Welcome to Drover Data

Among the most important aspects of any research endeavor is the communication of results. Whether the research is for scholarly research intended for publication in a peer reviewed journal, a employee survey sponsored by the human resources leg of a for-profit company, or a government organization collecting data to inform public policy, results should be shared to achieve maximum benefit to the organization’s stakeholders, as well as those individuals providing said data.

It is with this in mind that Daniel and I have developed this blog for USAO’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. For myself, I view this as an expansion of the reporting duties already so central to our mission. Through this portal I hope to share a bit of the mountains of information that crosses my desk, be it the latest enrollment numbers, published rankings, survey results, or simply an attempt to expand upon a topic I find important to our University. Perhaps more importantly, I hope to explain what the numbers mean and why they are important to students, parents, alumni and any other of our important stakeholders. And because very few people enjoy sitting through expansive spreadsheets and multitudes of graphs, I intend to keep our entries light, brief and accessible. If you happen to be slightly amused or entertained in the process, I will offer my apologies in advance.

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