The Technology of Assessment: Akindi Grading

Want to use Scantron tests in your class room but don’t have the money to buy a scanner, forms, or time to learn to use them? There is a new simplified testing solution just for you! It is called Akindi and it allows you to print scanner answer documents and grade them for free.050813_1641_AkindiUpdat2
How it works: you have to create a user for Akindi on their website, input your students individually, and then create a test key. Once you have the tests back from the student you 

feed the key and answer documents into a normal desktop scanner or you can even take snap shots with your camera and upload them to the site.

From there it creates a class portfolio that tracks student progress, test scores, and roosters of when students test. It makes this information available to you online or you can download it into a CSV file for opening wit Excel.
As far as I can tell there isn’t a bad feature about the program for everyday testing needs outside of the time to create a class and print the answer documents. However it isn’t exactly applicable to assessment where you need sub-scores, specific learner demographics, or advanced reporting about which questions were missed. It also creates yet another system to log into, have duplicate student data on, and just keep up with in general.
The system is offered for free on the their website at


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