IPEDS Data Report 2012: Student Characteristics

This section of the IPEDS 2012 series gives us a picture of who attends USAO.


In this first figure, we see the percentage of students enrolled by their different ethnicity/cultural identification.

Relative to the comparison group, we can see that a larger proportion of USAO students self-identify as Native American, International, Hispanic, or Multi-Racial. [Technical note: These are not necessarily statistically significant differences across comparison groups. This report does not provide means tests, nor do they provide the variability figures necessary to compute them by hand.] Overall, it seems that students at USAO are slightly more likely to interact with peers from different cultural backgrounds compared to our comparison group.


Looking at this second table (above), it is pretty clear that USAO is a smaller institution than the average school in our comparison group. A quick glance reveals that we are about ½ the size of our comparison group when we use unduplicated headcount. Interestingly enough, it looks like the proportion of part-time students is smaller at USAO as well. So despite the fact that we have fewer students on average, more of them enroll part-time.


Today’s final figure demonstrates degree production between 2010 and 2011. As one might expect given our size, USAO produces a smaller number of bachelor’s degrees each year than our comparison group. What was surprising was that USAO manages to produce about 55% of the numbers of degrees than the comparison group average. Basically, this suggests that USAO produces slightly more degrees than one would expect for its size.

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