Enrollment Figures, Spring 2014

The official spring 2014 enrollment numbers are finally ready for publication. Now that the last add/drop request has been processed by the registrar’s office and the dust has settled, I can share these results with everyone.

Starting this discussion with the figure people tend to care about the most, we can see that overall enrollments are slightly lower than last spring. As has been the case for a few years now, our greatest enrollment reductions have been for part-time students (any students taking fewer than 11 credit hours). Spring- to- spring numbers for this type of student have dropped by 7.6%. While I can’t say I am happy that our enrollment numbers are still trending downward, I am glad the rate of change is still fairly low. The decrease in spring- to- spring headcount is only 1.5% compared to the 10.9% decrease for the five (5) year running average.


If we examine these enrollment trends in terms of geographic diversity, it looks like slightly more of our spring students hail from Grady county than last year. While we have lost a substantial proportion of students from other parts of the state of Oklahoma, we have also gained in enrollments from out of state. I should note that by precedent the “out of state” figures include international students and enrollment proportions of both of those types of student have increased.


Historically, USAO enrollments have tended to include more females than males. This trend is similar to national trends for female undergraduate enrollments, but USAO’s history as a women’s college may also play a role in that trend. For this spring term the trend continues, though slightly ameliorated from years past.


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