We Might Be Going Crazy

Crazy like a ramen eating fox!


Our shipment of promotional materials came in for the NSSE survey. After comparing the cost of giving 500+ pencils, backpacks, or stadium cups out for taking a survey we realized something: no one would ever use them. I mean they might but not because they wanted to. They would remember they had gotten school supplies for filling out some something or other. We want students to remember this survey. We want students to become engaged in their university.

So enter the ramen noodles. This is what 500+ cups of ramen looks like. When we give these to students they’ll likely laugh, take it for the joke, and then remember us when they eat it later. It’s a ‘practical’ joke prize and in my opinion a better use of our funds than expensive prizes they won’t like anyway.

That said–should you ever go to Walmart and ask for a palette of instant noodle cups, they won’t bat an eye. Even when you are cramming it in your car they won’t ask too many questions. Now I kind of want to go back and buy my lunches for the next year.

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