NSSED 2013 Results: Experiences With Faculty

Experiences With Faculty is the NSSE sub-scale pertaining to the perceived quality of interactions between those two prominent groups on any university campus. This sub-scale is divided into two different dimensions dependent upon the context of the interaction.

Student- Faculty Interaction

The first dimension considered encompasses all social interactions students might have with faculty. These social exchanges may take place in the classroom, but may also take place in a faculty office, during an extracurricular activity, or any other social context.

Figure 13 summarizes the results from first-year students. Overall, these students rated the quality of these interactions just below the scale midpoint or 30. Though USAO seems to have a slightly more positive score than our 3 comparison groups included in the report, these differences are not statistically significant.



By contrast figure 14 displays the results for the same sub-scale, but as completed by seniors. This graph makes it appear that USAO seniors report substantially higher satisfaction with their interactions with faculty than seniors at our comparison schools. Statistical analysis supports this interpretation: USAO seniors yield significantly higher satisfaction scores than each of the comparison groups included.



Effective Teaching Practices

This NSSE sub-scale narrows the range of interactions considered by respondents. The items included here specify formal instructional behaviors and approaches. Figure 15 displays first – year student responses for items in this sub-scale. A quick review reveals that these students report the highest satisfaction amongst the groups compared. While this is true when we consider response averages alone, statistical analysis indicates that USAO scores are only significantly different from the scores observed for the Oklahoma comparison group. Our scores are essentially equivalent to the other comparison groups included.



This pattern of results does not reappear when we examine the satisfaction scores for USAO seniors. As figure 16 demonstrates, respondents from all the comparison groups report satisfaction at or around the low 40’s. Statistical analysis failed to reveal significantly different score between USAO and any of our comparison groups.



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