Contest Winner! – Senior 2013

Our office offers regular surveys for a whole plethora of studies and reasons. To keep students from getting tired of us asking their opinion all the time we offer rewards for participation. Here on Drover Data we will start posting our winners with a picture and tag them as “winners” (something we knew every drover was already but these particular students have the added bonus of being winners with fabulous prizes).


For our class of Fall 2013, we chose randomly from all the students who had graduated and taken a senior survey. Of those students, we created a random number generator that we then ran blindly three times and added the results. Then we choose whoever had the highest score.


For the class of ’13, our winner was Molly Tracey! She was a political science major who always swept up several merit based rewards at graduation. We think she could find something worth wild to spend a gift card on.


On an aside, it was particularly gruelly to master a smile that awkward on my part. I practiced it diligently in a mirror for weeks straight.

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