‘Udemy’ educational resource review

‘Udemy’ is an educational website much like ‘Khan Academy’ that allows students to take courses online on various and assorted fields of study. Unlike Khan, some courses have to be purchased and as it follows a for-profit structure of content delivery. It is a great resource for both students and techers.


For students there is a wide range of classes, subjects, and is self-paced. There is a course for nearly any interest or deficiancey. Because of the for-profit model however the courses tend to be subjects you won’t see in a classroom that people would be interested in but not majoring in. In addition there is a cost for some of the courses.


For techers this presents an interesting oppurtunity. Not only can you create an online course without having to purchase the servers, technicians, or development time you would otherwise. It can be used along with your courses or replace your normal curriculum altogether to keep track of student progress. It does not track grades mind you, it will however does present a certificate of completion for each course section that in addition to regular assessments could streamline class administration.


The strength of Udemy is in the versility and ease of use for both sudent and teacher. Other learning products try to force certain outlines or uses for features whereas Udemy allows for many types of teaching. This freedom of methodology is freeing but in large institutions could find it problematic if used without some structure between courses.


Udemy also has a robust mobile platform that allows for students to hear lectures, see slides, and view videos on their smartphones. They can download single apps just for their class or download the base app and download/manage anyothers from a single app. The only issue is that some files can be large and may need wifi access.


In addition there is a fair amount of community involvement. Each course can be rated, commented on, and reported for bad practices. This is a nice built in safety for learners as consumers. In addition you can ask questions to the teacher online.


Overall I find this product offering great. Because of the for-profit model I’ll leave my rating at a four out of five stars–however I think of products I have seen it will be one of my most used. Check them out at Udemy.com! and also see Khan Academy.

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