Assessment Tools – Assessment Matrix

There is never an end to paperwork (screenwork?) in the Assessment Office. This isn’t so much a bad thing as it is just the nature of the metaphorical beast. Each semester needs certain reports created, documents drawn up, and files stored safely away. Because unlike a business model where projects open and then close, education is a revolving door of (hopefully) never ending service to the student body.

The real problem is keeping up with all those different exams, surveys, and day-to-day work sheets. Enter the Assessment Matrix! Now when I first learned about the assessment matrix I was a little let down that I didn’t learn kung fu from it, however it has a similar effect on your workload.

I know stats-fu!
I know stats-fu!

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Literature Review – Abelson – ‘The Seven Liberal Arts’

Continuing my review of literature about assessment, liberal arts, and university history I found a work called ‘The Seven Liberal Arts’ by Paul Abelson from 1965. The book is largely a study of the curriculum through historical evidence and records. In that way this book features the historical and educational program side of the university that Haskins’ study of college life did not capture.Philo_mediev Continue reading →