NSSE Results, 2014

Results for last year’s National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) are in and they look pretty good for USAO. I have uploaded a report for those brave souls that want to see some of the details (link below). For the rest of your, I thought I would provide a brief overview of these results.


What is NSSE?

NSSE is a survey administered to college and university freshman and seniors all over the United States and Canada. The idea behind this survey is to get a decent estimate of collegiate quality. To the extent that students at a given institution work on more rigorous assignments, collaborate with faculty and participate in enriched academic and social activities, schools vary in academic quality. For more depth on the nature of NSSE and what it measures, please see the official NSSE 2014 Results Report, or check out last year’s discussion on the topic.

In order to put USAO’s academic quality into some sort of context, I have created a few comparison, or benchmark groupings. The first of these is the Oklahoma Public group. Schools from our own state of Oklahoma with public governance (and funding) are included in this group. That is, assuming they participated in NSSE this year. I use these schools as a basis for comparison, not just because we have the same boss (the Oklahoma taxpayer), but also because current USAO students would likely have selected one of these schools had they not elected (wisely) to enroll here. This is a pretty decent way to figure out if that decision was a good one. Spoiler alert: It was.

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Survey Anonymity and Confidentiality

In the next few weeks I will open course evaluations for the summer 2014 academic term. This course evaluation is no different from any I have conducted during my time at USAO, but I thought it would be a good idea to talk about an important feature that their routine nature might obscure.

Plenty of people confuse the ideas of anonymity and confidentiality when they are applied to surveys and other forms of data collection. The differences between these concepts can be subtle, but understanding how your personal identity is tied in with your responses is important, not just during your time as a USAO student, but also when you enter the workforce as a professional.

After the Storm

Image by Daniel Pool

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Contest Winner – NSSE #3

Laney Reason won a Google Chromecast digital streaming device for replying to our NSSE survey! The NSSE helps the university decide what it should focus on to better help students enjoy their experience. To learn more about the survey see this page and to learn about the results from previous years see this page.

photo by Daniel Pool

photo by Daniel Pool

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Contest Winner! – Senior Survey Spring 2014

After completing the Spring 2014 Senior Survey, we placed on the respondent’s names in Excel. We encoded “=rand()” into three cells next to their names and ran the code three times. The person with the highest number from this cohort we selected Abby Shaw as our grand prize winner of a Roku device for streaming internet television to their TV!

IMG_4018To enter for your chance to win this and other fabulous prizes be sure to check our website and your USAO email.