Grant Writing 101

For graduate school I was asked to write a fake grant proposal as if I were going to apply for one. I struggled with the assignment, did anything except it, and tried to hide from the deadline. Any time any one ever mentions grant writing it is nearly always followed by “Ugh my life” so I was afraid of it as well–untill now.

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Student Satisfaction Survey: An Introduction

In the next few days, my office will launch a new research initiative with the help of a few other members of the USAO staff. The project is called the Student Satisfaction Survey (I am calling it the S3 because math is fun). We designed the S3 to obtain reliable feedback from USAO students about the things that are important to them. Well, at least it includes many of the topics we think are important to students- we will not really know if we missed any major themes until after we collect some data, but I am confident we are most of the way there. The S3 includes topics like student satisfaction with residence halls, dining services and other obvious point of contact. S3 also includes a few items that might notbe as obvious for this type of survey, but might be important to measure anyway. This second group (not obvious) includes topics such as classroom environment, academic advisement and course scheduling. Continue reading →